What I shoot with??
16 july 2019

This is probably the question I get the most. What camera do you use? What lens do you use? Which drone should I buy? But does gear really matter? I don't think it does because the most expensive camera is worth nothing if you don't know how to properly exploit its potential.

In this article, I will be talking about my main photography & videography gear. My style of shooting is very run-and-gun. I am often flipping between photo and video mode as I often to both - especially while traveling. I have a preference for fast lenses and lenses with IS (for stable video).


The A7RIII is my main body and I use it both for stills and video. The combination of the sharpness of it's 42.2 MP, it's fast shutter and the possibility to shoot 4K at 24/25/30fps and Full HD at 60/120 fps makes it the perfect body for most of the situations I face.

SONY A6500

I use this camera as a backup. I always bring a second body with me while traveling or on assignment. My biggest nightmare would be to have problems with my main body and not have a backup while being in extremely remote locations. The size of the camera is great and I mainly use it to shoot video.


SONY 24-70 mm f 2.8 G

This is the lens I use the most and it's a must to have one of these in your kit. The range is super versatile (wide to tele) and the fast f/2.8 aperture means you can still mostly use it in lower light situations. It also has internal stabilization that is very valuable when shooting handheld videos.

SONY 70-200 mm f 2.8 G

This is by far one of my favorite lenses. The quality and sharpness of this lens are unreal. Great for portraits, when shooting details and wildlife. Basically, the only downside of this lens is the price... But I assure you they are well spent.

SONY ZEISS 10-18 mm f 4

This is actually an aps-c lens. It's not ideal to use and aps-c lens on a full frame camera because it causes serious vignetting. It is ultra wide so I don't use this lens too much. When the time will come I will probably upgrade to the SONY 14-24 mm f4.

SONY 35 mm 1.8

This is my only prime lens. Great for portraits, street photography and low light situations



Hands down my favorite drone ever (to date). It falls ever so slightly behind the Phantom 4 Pro+ but its portability makes up for it big time. It can handle itself no problem and thanks to it's Hasselblad 1-inch sensor the image/video quality is insane good.


This is a racing drone I use to take very dynamic content. It is crazy what this little beast like is able to do. The concept is completely different from the DJI drones but when you get comfortable with the differences you will be able to bring your aerial skills to the next level.



This external recorder bypasses the internal limitations of your camera and allows you to take full advantage of your sensor recording maximum color accuracy, maximum resolution, and dynamic range. It also allows you to shoot 4K 60 fps at 10 bit. Another handy thing is the next level monitoring features that when used correctly they can drastically improve your shot.


This is my go-to gimbal. Sturdy and powerful, it never failed me. Batteries last long and it handles a lot of weight. The only downside is that its slightly heavier than the other handheld gimbal on the market.


We all would like to bring our cameras underwater but unless you don't want to invest in a super expensive underwater housing, this GoPro is a great option. It's not anymore the wide-angle action camera it used to be. I always throw my GoPro in my backpack just to have it with me in case it comes in need! I mostly use this GoPro with my racing drone.